Beginnings of a new life!

I was referred to Danielle through a realtor that I had worked with a couple years ago. After we made contact through phone and email, she started searching for my new home. Although I would not be ready to make the purchase for a few months so was patient with me until I was ready. Even though I have a quite picky taste in homes, she sent home listings to me as soon as they were in the market. I think that she learned my taste very quickly as we started the process of looking at homes. After making a couple offers on homes that didn’t work out, I gave it one last try for the season. I will never forget the day. We walked into the first house that day and I was quickly discouraged. I was ready to give up until later the next year. She pushed on and got me to look at the next house. When I walked in, I knew this would be my new house. She helped me through every step of the process, answered every question, and also helped calm my nerves as we progressed through the contract. After the contract was written she checked on the progress of the approaching closing date to make sure there were no questions. I have purchased a few properties in the past, and this was the first time that my real estate agent actually sat with me through the closing process. I appreciate all of the help and encouragement that I received from Danielle. With her help I rang in the New Year with a new home and the beginnings of a new life.

— Brian S